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  • Eastern Region Shirt


    Sorors, the Eastern Region Custom Shirt is now available for purchase!

    This is your opportunity to own this unique item bearing THE EAST logo in full color:

    First To Serve, First to Lead, First To Empower.


    Sizing Instructions for Eastern Region “THE EAST” Custom Shirts

    Sorors, PLEASE READ and FOLLOW these instructions CAREFULLY to insure a proper fit. DO NOT go by the number sizes (8-10, 12-14) or letter sizes (M, L, XL) based on what you typically wear in other clothing items as these shirts run one to two sizes small.

    1)      Obtain a tape measure and use it to measure around the fullest part of your bust in inches. Then use the size chart below to match with the proper shirt size. If your measurement falls toward the upper end of a range, order one size up to insure fit.

    2)      If you don’t have a tape measure, convert your bra size to inches. How do you do this? Simple. The number in your bra size is the measurement around the rib cage and then the cup size indicates the difference in the fullest part of the bust in inches. See the chart below….

    Sizing Examples.

    Bra Size

    36DD is 36 plus 5 = 41 inches. You would order a size XL shirt because 41 inches is at the TOP of the L range.

    Measuring Example

    Bust measures 50 inches, order a 3XL as you are in the middle of the range.


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